Since 1973, Germany's proximity switches and related equipment and other types of sensors, Taiho Industries Co., Ltd. was imported luxury villa sales, January 5, 2000, transfer of operations by these, System Electronic Japan Corporation as the new company was founded.

Hengstler, Inc. System Electronic Japan the German companies to outsource manufacturing to switch the first domestic and overseas sales of the 20 countries. At the same time, Germany Pulsotronic-SKS GmbH & CO.KG Japan's sole distributor of the product sales as well.

Products List

The following products are handled. PROXICAPTOR switches for the list by clicking the link on the "right", you can access the details of each product.

  • Proximity Switch : ROXICAPTOR, PULSOTRONIC
  • Flow Switch : FLUCAPTOR
  • Hot Metal Detector : FOTOCAPTOR
  • Metal Separator & Ring Sensor
  • Cleaning Machine for Mill Stand : T-20, T-30
  • Magnet Switch : MYK (Dropping item)

How to choose SWITCHES

This is a manual about how to choose switches.


You are able to get a catalog of various sensors catalog. Please contact us at headquarters.


New information of Proxicaptor2016
Satoru Oshita took office as a vice-president newly.